Unified Operation Center (UOC)

Digital Transformation is a compulsive move toward advancing technology. The UOC is an advanced shift for industries to elevate their industrial level of visualization of management operations, maintenance activities, and industrial processes. The rising technologies and renovated processes are so important that the right skills, abilities, and professional ways to handle these processes have become important factors. These aspects altogether make digital transformation a marvelous success.

Unified operation Center provides your business with

UOC Framework Integration Offered Services

Take your operations to the next level with the integrated modules of the unified operations center framework. These powerful tools provide a high level of intelligence.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Abrupt response to crisis circumstances or unexpected downtime by considering data and processing in real-time.
  • Manual works are replaced with automated processes, for example, work orders, parameter settings, and procedures.
  • Gives a clear visual of all aspects, which helps in improving collaboration and management of tasks through automated means
  • Usage of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Workforce management to help the O&M team

Technical Engineering Services

  • UOC provides good management through reducing costs and improving work schedules.
  • Models and optimizes the processes and parameters of the equipment which in turn enhances the utilization of assets and thus increases plant throughput.
  • UOC brings improvements in energy consumption and improves margins in the profits

Business Management

  • UOC module helps the corporates or business and subsidiary organizations with their performance. Through providing a clear picture of achievements against the targets.
  • Real-time decision support module– helps in utilizing the data by understanding the situation intelligently and gaining new insights, sets the process parameters.
  • The risk mitigation and compliance assurance module keep on monitoring the safety parameters, environmental conditions, and health aspects. Guides and provides necessary action indication to be taken.
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