Internet of Things Platform (IoT)

IoT revolutionizes how businesses access and interpret data, connecting previously unconnected devices to the internet for a more comprehensive view. In the industrial and infrastructure sectors, this means connecting sensors, valves, and other devices to HMI and SCADA solutions & systems or the cloud to gather, monitor, and analyze data from all operations. Increasing visibility, troubleshooting capabilities, efficiency, security, and more while reducing costs.

IoT Challenges For Businesses

The obstacles to implementing IoT technology have decreased dramatically in the past few years. Yet, some businesses still face challenges when it comes to embracing industrial IoT solutions, such as:

  • Budget constraints.

  • Breaking Individual silos across projects

  • Lack of network connectivity.

  • Difficulty in aggregating data from disparate data streams.

  • Choosing the right platform.

  • Data security.

  • Lack of a centralized database or dashboard.

  • Handling data volumes.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders.

How Advansys Can Help

Maximize the value of your data with Advansys IoT solutions for data governance, standardization and streamlined business workflows. Empowering agile development for end customers.

As well as solving the challenges OT/IT convergence with:

  • Smart connected assets.

  • IoT sensors and systems.

  • Data transformation, orchestration, and integration.

  • Interoperable systems and APIs.

  • Hybrid environments (public/private cloud, on-prem, edge).

  • Best-practice cloud/data architecture and governance.

  • Workforce management.

The IoT Platform Helps You Improve ROI By Aggregating Previously Inaccessible Data From Your Network.

Benefits of IoT Platform for Your Organization

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