Navigating Digital Transformation with Advansys

As a leading financial institution in the Gulf region, Derrayh faced several challenges in their journey towards digital transformation. Limited access to specialized talents and the latest technology at affordable costs, as well as the need to improve service delivery, were major barriers to success. Enter Advansys, a trusted partner for 3 years who has provided strategic outsourcing services, from software and IT outsourcing to business process outsourcing.

The Challenge

Looking to excel in the rapidly evolving world of financial services, struggling to access the specialized talent and cutting-edge technology needed to drive your digital transformation are major BFSI challenges. That’s when our strategic outsourcing services have been a game-changer for Derrayh, helping them focus on their core business, save costs, and improve service delivery in the face of increased competition and diversity in the financial sector.

The Solution

In 2019, Advansys partnered with Derrayh to build their Software Delivery Center in Egypt, where we built a state-of-the-art Software Delivery Center, staffed by a talented team of developers and operations specialists. Today, the center is running at full capacity with a growing team of developers and operation support specialists. As, we offer a range of delivery models to meet your needs, including offshore, onshore, and hybrid, and provide a wide range of services from outsourcing to managed automation support. With Advansys, you can trust that your software projects are in good hands, with experts delivering top-notch results and support every step of the way.

Technologies Services Offered:
·        IOS

·        Android

·        .NET

·        Oracle EPX

·        SO (Software Outsourcing)

·        BPO (Business Process outsourcing)

·        ITO (IT Outsourcing)



The Outcome

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of the Advansys team, Derrayh has made significant progress in their digital transformation journey. They have been able to cope with the changing landscape of the financial market and expand their portfolio of digital solutions, leading to increased competitiveness and market share.

Overall Results