Digitizing Government Services: How Chatbots are Transforming the Way Citizens Access and Interact with Governmental Services

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is a leading business and industrial hub located in the heart of United Arab Emirates (UAE); it offers a comprehensive range of customizable solutions to investors from all over the world. With a presence established in 2017, RAKEZ currently accommodates over 14,000 multinational companies from more than 100 countries, spanning over 50 industries, making it one of the largest economic zones in the region. In addition to providing clients with the flexibility of choosing between free zone and non-free zone entity formations, RAKEZ also offers easy access to fast-growing markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and South and Central Asia, through the emirate’s major logistical hubs, including five seaports, an international airport, and multi-lane superhighways.


The Challenge

However, with a high volume of requests for Governmental Services such as New Entry permits, Change Status, Visa Cancelation and more, RAKEZ faced the challenge of providing a timely and efficient response to meet client satisfaction.


The Solution

With Advansys offering automation solutions, RAKEZ efficiency ascended to new heights as the top time-consuming tasks were effortlessly automated, freeing up the team to focus on what truly matters. We developed onboarding bots that handle the requests on the spot, perform the necessary validation, prepare documents, submit requests to the e-channel, and most importantly, keep clients updated on the status of their requests through real-time notifications. This has resulted in enhancing RAKEZ’s Key Performance Indicators, lead time of requests, eliminating human errors and typos, and saving hours of valuable operational time along with providing a seamless citizen experience.