Advansys driving operational excellence in the manufacturing industry

We have been working alongside a top global organization to build their offshore capability center in Egypt, which now contains 260+ specialized experts in various engineering and technological fields. This partnership was crucial in addressing the organization’s challenges of accessing skilled engineering talent and improving business efficiency, resulting in a two-digit year-on-year increase in revenue. Our team at Advansys has also played a key role in the organization’s expansion and growth, offering a range of ITO, engineering services outsourcing, procurement outsourcing, and business process outsourcing solutions.

The Challenge:

As a provider of warehouse automation and production solutions, the organization faced the challenge of keeping operating costs within limits while also lacking engineering and technical resources in the field, particularly in the highly paid American and European markets. This made it difficult to improve service delivery and business efficiency, maintain performance standards, and stay competitive in the production and logistics automation market.

The Solution:

To tackle these challenges, Advansys partnered with the organization to build an offshore capability center for mechanical, control, and software engineers specializing in the design, operation, and delivery of material handling and warehouse automation solutions. Starting with just four control engineers deployed in North America for e-commerce material handling projects, we now have over 260 dedicated specialists who have delivered numerous successful projects. Our team at Advansys delivers projects through a variety of models – offshore, onshore, nearshore, and hybrid – and has worked on projects across all stages, from mechanical and solution development to onsite system commissioning and support.


Technologies Expertise: Service Offerings:
·        Java

·        PLC programming

·        SCADA

·        Conveyor systems

·        Picking technologies

·        Sortation technologies

·       Storage automation

·        IT Outsourcing

·        Engineering services outsourcing,

·        Procurement outsourcing

·        Business Process Outsourcing



The Outcome:

Thanks to our team of ever-growing specialized engineers, the organization has been able to grow their business globally, taking advantage of our flexible models and industry-leading expertise. Our skilled talents have helped the organization quickly expand their workforce, accessing the latest technologies at a lower cost to ensure global competitiveness and secure more business opportunities.

Overall Results